Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving with a Side of Swine Flu

Dig into your turkey. Enjoy your mashed potatoes. Our family? Holed up with swine flu.

I've apparently had it for over a week and just thought that the awful headache and stomach trouble I was dealing with was from the cold I had.

When my husband came down with it yesterday, he immediately went in to the doctor.

Diagnosis? Swine flu.

So this Thanksgiving while the family heads down to Arizona to enjoy the warm desert weather we'll be here, alone, eating our turkey and enduring our family's round of swine flu. Nobody seemed to want to visit us this year!

Come on in! Enjoy the turkey!

We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't get any worse. Our daughter was the one to bring it home and introduce us to it. And slowly, slowly each one of us has fallen victim to it. In a few weeks hopefully we'll have all run our course.

In the meantime, my husband is hoping the Tamiflu helps. 

They say that since it was within the first 24 hours that he started it, it should help significantly.

Anyone done the Tamiflu thing? Did it help?

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