Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Black Friday Sites...

There's,,,,, and many, many, many more Black Friday sites.

But cut to the chase.

Are they really accurate?

Edgar Dworsky of says not always. Since Black Friday sites typically post deals weeks before the company prints or posts their Black Friday deals, it can be inaccurate. Many companies will continue to slash and post deals up to the finals minutes before going to print. And Dworsky claims that the information should be deemed most reliable when the company has posted it on it's website.

Which sites are the best?

So which Black Friday ads would be considered the most reliable? has probably been around the longest and claims to be the most accurate. and also seem to be good ones. But there's nothing funner than opening the newspaper after a busy morning of preparing meals to sit and look at all the Black Friday deals in the newspaper. It's how I enjoy my Thanksgiving Day.


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