Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Gift to Give Your Young Kids...

Several Christmases ago, our elf came to live with us. He arrives the day after Thanksgiving and returns to Santa on Christmas Eve. He sits in our home, watching our children throughout the day and each night he flys home to Santa to report if they have been bad or good that day. Each morning when they wake up, they eagerly search through the house trying to find where our elf is hiding.

Sometimes he's hanging on our kitchen chandelier,

other times he's sitting on our Christmas Village. And if you had a particularily bad day, you might find him in one of the kids rooms. (Just so he can watch over you alittle more closely that day to help you be good.)

Can you guess who's room he gets to sit in today? Oh, and guess who won on Saturday? (that was one cold, cold game).

Our elf was a gift from Grandma. He arrived on our little girls 4th Christmas and has continued to come to our home each year. Our kids act up, and all I have to say is "Fizzy (our elf) is watching." Suddenly behavior changes and the kids are suddenly back to being happy and find a way to work out their solutions.

The kids can talk to Fizzy, but Fizzy can't talk to them. We love hearing what our kids have to say to Fizzy when they think we're not listening and it's just them and the elf. They start out by giving him their Christmas lists and by the end of the weekend they have stopped thinking of themselves and start thinking about their friends and family. "Fizzy, Mason doesn't have a elf at his house and his Mom and Dad don't have a lot of money. Can you make sure that he gets a Transformer? That's all he really wants."

I'm shocked by how unselfish our kids become and how much they start thinking of others during the holidays as they talk to Fizzy. I'm also lovin' all the good behavior that lasts well after Fizzy leaves. Some may knock the ethics behind the elf, but I'm convinced the elf has been one of the neatest Christmas traditions we have started in our home. It just wouldn't be the same without Fizzy!

P.S. Mom's and Dads, the Elf on the Shelf is at your local Hallmark, or by clicking on this:  

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