Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Gift to Give Your Young Kids...

Several Christmases ago, our elf came to live with us. He arrives the day after Thanksgiving and returns to Santa on Christmas Eve. He sits in our home, watching our children throughout the day and each night he flys home to Santa to report if they have been bad or good that day. Each morning when they wake up, they eagerly search through the house trying to find where our elf is hiding.

Sometimes he's hanging on our kitchen chandelier,

other times he's sitting on our Christmas Village. And if you had a particularily bad day, you might find him in one of the kids rooms. (Just so he can watch over you alittle more closely that day to help you be good.)

Can you guess who's room he gets to sit in today? Oh, and guess who won on Saturday? (that was one cold, cold game).

Our elf was a gift from Grandma. He arrived on our little girls 4th Christmas and has continued to come to our home each year. Our kids act up, and all I have to say is "Fizzy (our elf) is watching." Suddenly behavior changes and the kids are suddenly back to being happy and find a way to work out their solutions.

The kids can talk to Fizzy, but Fizzy can't talk to them. We love hearing what our kids have to say to Fizzy when they think we're not listening and it's just them and the elf. They start out by giving him their Christmas lists and by the end of the weekend they have stopped thinking of themselves and start thinking about their friends and family. "Fizzy, Mason doesn't have a elf at his house and his Mom and Dad don't have a lot of money. Can you make sure that he gets a Transformer? That's all he really wants."

I'm shocked by how unselfish our kids become and how much they start thinking of others during the holidays as they talk to Fizzy. I'm also lovin' all the good behavior that lasts well after Fizzy leaves. Some may knock the ethics behind the elf, but I'm convinced the elf has been one of the neatest Christmas traditions we have started in our home. It just wouldn't be the same without Fizzy!

P.S. Mom's and Dads, the Elf on the Shelf is at your local Hallmark, or by clicking on this:  

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Freebie!

Gotta hurry, need to clean the turkey (procrastinating).

Here is one Thanksgiving deals for you today!!


Filled with coupons, cooking tips and more. Head to this link to sign up and get yours!
You will need to fill out a registration form first and subscribe to one of their free email newsletters. Should take you a minute or less to fill out the form. So easy!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Black Friday Sites...

There's,,,,, and many, many, many more Black Friday sites.

But cut to the chase.

Are they really accurate?

Edgar Dworsky of says not always. Since Black Friday sites typically post deals weeks before the company prints or posts their Black Friday deals, it can be inaccurate. Many companies will continue to slash and post deals up to the finals minutes before going to print. And Dworsky claims that the information should be deemed most reliable when the company has posted it on it's website.

Which sites are the best?

So which Black Friday ads would be considered the most reliable? has probably been around the longest and claims to be the most accurate. and also seem to be good ones. But there's nothing funner than opening the newspaper after a busy morning of preparing meals to sit and look at all the Black Friday deals in the newspaper. It's how I enjoy my Thanksgiving Day.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving with a Side of Swine Flu

Dig into your turkey. Enjoy your mashed potatoes. Our family? Holed up with swine flu.

I've apparently had it for over a week and just thought that the awful headache and stomach trouble I was dealing with was from the cold I had.

When my husband came down with it yesterday, he immediately went in to the doctor.

Diagnosis? Swine flu.

So this Thanksgiving while the family heads down to Arizona to enjoy the warm desert weather we'll be here, alone, eating our turkey and enduring our family's round of swine flu. Nobody seemed to want to visit us this year!

Come on in! Enjoy the turkey!

We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't get any worse. Our daughter was the one to bring it home and introduce us to it. And slowly, slowly each one of us has fallen victim to it. In a few weeks hopefully we'll have all run our course.

In the meantime, my husband is hoping the Tamiflu helps. 

They say that since it was within the first 24 hours that he started it, it should help significantly.

Anyone done the Tamiflu thing? Did it help?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Check this out!

Trampoline Giveaway!

This is perfect. Last summer my husband tried showing the kids how to do a flip and landed right through the middle of the trampoline. Last Christmas Mrs. Clause *aka* me, ordered the wrong mat size. This would be perfect! You can get your own now too! Click the picture below.

Barefoot Mommies

Friday, November 20, 2009

Follow Friday: Ecobunga!!!

Eco what?
You heard right. Ecobunga.
One of my favorite "green" sites on the web.

This site is a directory for all of the products, deals, giveaways, and more going on in the all natural and green community. I love the contests, the printable coupons, and the great resource that Ecobunga is for me.

When you get a minute, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook today!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from Other Bloggers....

There are a few blog posts that have caught my attention this week:

SuperMomCentral Lauren is giving away an outfit from DownEast Outfitters. You can find more details on her site here. I love DownEast! Comfortable clothing that is trendy and perfect for wear as a busy Mom.

I loved this one. My niece is into Fancy Nancy, so when I saw this idea I thought it was brilliant! A fun Fancy Nancy Party! Complete with pink tea set, placecards and more! Check out the fun pictures and get some ideas for your little girls Fancy Nancy party.

While you are there, check out her article on Sub For Santa. A great reminder to help others out even when budgets are tight. We participated in Sub For Santa last year, and my kids had a blast shopping for clothing and toys for the two little girls we were able to buy for. It was a great reminder that the most important thing about Christmas is giving and sharing. The Sub For Santa program has a lot of needs this year, and help is desperately needed.

This blog post cracked me up too. The difference between boys and girls. Once again proving that boys and girls are very, very different!
You can click here to view it.

And you can get free photos! I just ordered my holiday photo cards yesterday from You get 50 free + free shipping by entering the promo code freebies4mom-1109. Thanks Freebies4Mom! She just made my Christmas much more affordable. Remember it only works for the 4x8 horizontal or vertical photo cards.

It's always fun to share some of the neat things that we find on other websites and blogs. There are so many and it's so fun to read what other people have to share.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deals N' Steals Day!

Free Dole Salad? Game On!

You could get free Dole Salad. Head to this website to see if you win prizes or free salad! Don't let the crazy salad guy scare you off!
Click here to begin.

Save $3.00

You can save yourself $3.00 when you try any Spectrum, Imagine, Hains, Arrowhead Mills or Sunspire products. Click here to get the coupon!

Ecobunga New Giveaway List

Ecobunga has their new updated savings and giveaway list. If you don't already, make sure that you are on their Twitter and Facebook lists for updated giveaways. You also get a weekly giveaway list sent directly to your email inbox. A great way to find the latest cool green deals and ideas. They also offer printable coupons, so check out their printable coupon section. Right now you could win a Trek bike, a Green Baby Giveaway courtesy of Kiwi Magazine, and a Sweet Leaf Tea prize pack.

Mambo Sprouts Holiday Savings Books!

As the weather cools down, the deals are heating up – just in time for the holiday season! We’re proud to present a special, limited-edition coupon book – Mambo Sprouts Exuberant Holiday Savings. Available at select natural foods stores for a limited time, these prized coupons are for your favorite brands – Organic Valley, Annie’s Homegrown, Imagine, Soy Dream, Kashi, Brown Cow and many more! You’ll find over $25 worth of coupons in each book.

Click here to see if a store near you will be carrying these books!

FREE Sample of Stacy's Pita Chips

Thanks goes out to All You! Magazine for this freebie. If you've passed them in the store, but never thought to try them, now's your chance! There are limited samples available so sign up now to get your free sample!

Click here to grab yours!

Free Kashi Granola Bar
Grab yourself a free sample of Kashi Granola Bars. They are so good! With sunflower seeds, cranberries, almonds and raisins, this is one good granola bar. Grab your sample by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Promised You Big...We're Goin' Oprah Style Big!

If you live in Utah, you'll want to save the date of Wednesday December 9th, grab your tickets early and plan on coming down to the set of Good Things Utah.


Because I think it's important that all of us who believe in living a healthier lifestyle show that healthy eating and living is important here in Utah too and this is something many of us living here are passionate about and want to see more of!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, we're talking about "Healthy Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen." And in the spirit of Oprah (hey, her Christmas Giveaway is the ONLY segment of her's I watch every year) we're going Oprah style.

Many companies are giving away some fantastic gifts for those in the audience who attend that day. Let's just say you'll get a free lunch, free breakfast, some yummy treats and many other great stuff to enjoy when you come. We've got a bag full of healthy foods and gifts you'll get to take home with you!

Can't Make It?

Don't worry! You might miss out on the fun, but we'll make sure you don't miss out on all the action. We're giving away the segment! Check back the day after the segment airs for details on how to win many of the gifts we've talked about. You'll also have a chance to win some other great prizes we weren't able to talk about on the segment but will make great holiday gifts! You won't want to miss out!

Limited tickets now by clicking here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday Bring a 35% off Sale + $10 in Coupons!

This Follow Friday (#ff) goes out to The Healthy Pantry. The Healthy Pantry offers healthy quick and easy meals that store up to a year. These meals are perfect for busy families like mine, and perfect for days you're tempted to eat out.

They've got 3 new delicious recipes! A scrumptious skillet lasagna, a delicious cranberry wild rice turkey stew perfect for cold fall evenings, and pumpkin cookies just in time for Thanksgiving!

All of their kits are 20% off, and if you order all three kits you'll get an additional $2.50 off! A great way to stock up and have meals on hand for cold evenings. P.S. Use the code DBPARENT to save yourself an additional savings of 15%! That's 35%!

The Sale ends Sunday, so stock up now! Click here!

$10 In Organic Valley Coupons

Organic Valley is giving away a free $10 booklet full of coupons. To sign up and get your book, click here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kiwi Magazine Calendars

I needed to pick up a copy of Kiwi magazine for my segment on Good Things Utah. Along with the magazine was a great bonus from Annie's. A 2010 calendar with plenty of coupons, great tips, snacks, and games inside. They even have secret codes to unlock each month of the year next year.

Only limited copies are available, so hurry in to grab yours today! I found mine at Barnes and Noble, but I've been told Borders also carries Kiwi magazine too. Hurry before the winter issue comes out!

The $5,000 Christmas...

Sorry folks, this one is a short one today. This is my view from my front door this morning. I'm appropriately renaming it the "5,000 Christmas." $5,000 in plumbing problems. No big deal, right? It's actually fun for the little ones. My little boy had fun watching the excavators be dropped down by the backhoe into the giant 10 foot deep hole. He was glued to the front window watching all the fun equipment throughout the day. He even snuck outside a few times to catch all the action. Of course, the contractor convinced him there was in alligator in the hole and he at his young, naive age believed them. Everytime the backhoe brought up a new load of dirt, he curiously peeked in it to see if the alligator was on it. (I was excited about all the free rocks for my landscaping! Except that they probably aren't free since I'm paying for them.)

Of course, not only my child, but every child in the neighborhood wanted to peek into that hole. And the excavators and contractors graciously allowed them to. At one point and time we had a crowd of 10 kids and 4 adults peering into the hole in the ground. The lone excavator at the bottom of the hole must have had an eerie feeling as we peered at him from above.

It was also amazing to me how neighbors pull together. Neighbor after neighbor old and young stopped by to peer into the hole. They were just excited about the events happening. Almost as much as the kids! Most gave us words of encouragment and said they knew how we felt and just wanted us to know that they were thinking of us. It was great to know that we had support and love from a great set of neighbors and friends. It didn't matter our ages or circumstances--each one young and old knew what we were going through and offered their own words of help and encouragement. And at least to our face they didn't complain about the street being blocked off and the inconvience we caused. We are so lucky to live where we do.

This is only a small setback in the road of life. With a very large pricetag. And hole in the ground. And expensive toys to entertain the kids. How can we top this for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday Madness Continues

You saw it. The Facebook and Twitter blasts throughout the day. Well, if you missed them, I've got them all here for you. There are some incredible giveaways and deals! Some are great for the holidays, some will help you on your next trip to the store. But either way check them out. I'm sure you'll find something that you like!

Ecorations Christmas Bags Giveaway

You can sign up easily for this $75 giveaway simply by clicking on the header above. But first, check out all of the cool stuff you'll receive!

1 Large Apparel Box Wrap in Jolly, reverses to a traditional Christmas green - perfect for board games or large clothing items!

1 Medium Gift Sack in Links, reverses to a festive red - throw in a bunch of smaller gifts and its a great way to save a ton of paper & time!

1 XSmall Sack in Candy Cane, reverses to a merry multicolored stripe - ideal for stuffed animals

1 Small Apparel Box Wrap in Links, reverses a festive red - a classy and romantic way to dress up a lingerie box!
1 Small Pouch in Holiday Cheer, reverses to classic green - perfect for jewelry for that special someone!

Free Going Greener Handbook

Get your downloadable copy of the "Going Greener" handbook with over 350+ ideas. Topics covered in Going Greener include organics, eco-food labels, buying better groceries, America’s farms and you, food safety, resources for green living, green companies, recycling, a healthy home makeover, the earth-friendly diet, and more.

Laset year, the San Francisco Green Festival® boasted 3 days filled with the best in green, and continues to expand in size and scope! With more than 150 renowned speakers and 400 green businesses, this event was an amazing success! The event runs November 13-15 so if you live in the area, head out! You can get all the details for the event by clicking on the header above.

Celestial Seasonings Tea For Free at Whole Foods

Word on the street is Whole Foods is offering select Celestial Seasonings Teas for $1. Pick up a copy of “Save on Shopping. Save Kid’s Lives” insert in the store and you'll find a $1 off coupon. Making your tea free this week. Please call your store to see if they are offering this booklet and pricing on tea. Your store may not offer this.

Printable Coupon Sites

With a new month, brings new printable coupons. Check out some of these sites for some fabulous printable coupon deals:

Good Earth: Good Earth Natural Foods offers some great printable coupons. You can check them out and print them by clicking here.

Kiwi Magazine: Kiwi magazine also offers some great printable coupons. Click here to start printing.

Mambo Sprouts: Mambo Sprouts offers some great printable coupons. Check out their site here. Once thought to be for regular grocery stores, you can now find printable coupons for healthy items too! Find coupons for $1 off 2 lbs of cheese (any brand), 75 cents off any 4 cups of yogurt (any brand) and $1 off any Barbara's cereal just to name a few.

What other printable coupon sites do you use to save yourself money at health and natural food stores? Leave a comment and I'll add it to the list on our website,

Monday, November 9, 2009

A WISE Recount

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the Women in Service Excellence Conference for my other site What an amazing experience, and one that I was so glad to be a part of and receive an invitation to.

The entire conference was centered largely around serving. The mayor of Eagle Mountain spoke about the way that their town served.

She also spoke about service not just being for an individual, but for a collective whole as well. In their town they organize a parade for every military member that comes off their tour of duty and returns home. It doesn't matter if one or ten return home--they are each individually honored and recognized for their efforts. Each parade is complete with her riding the fire truck with sirens blaring in honor of these soldiers. This type of honor also hits home to her personally because her own husband serves in the military.

Her motto throughout her talk was, "See a Need, Fill a Need" and the fact that service doesn't have to be organized or centered around one thing. Their town is full of mountain bikers and the town collectively raised money to build a mountain bike trail park for families, children, and avid bikers to enjoy. This brought their town together and united them in a common cause.

In addition to listening to the mayor, we also got to participate in making a tree for the Festival of Trees, tie quilts (I opted out of this one, I was dangerous enough trying to cut wire for ornaments) and assemble humanitarian kits.

The conference largely focused on raising money for EagleEyes. This organization assists disabled children who cannot speak or talk be able to find a voice through the computer. We heard stories of parents whose children couldn't be diagnosed but stopped talking, and whose bodies became severely contracted. Doctors told them their children were vegetables and wouldn't talk, move and didn't know how much these children even understood. My heart broke as many of them with huge sobs shared their experiences and their heartaches.

Sitting there listening to them made me think that many of the problems I face were incomparable to what these parents face on a daily basis. Each day, one mother juggles putting her severaly contracted 65 pound child into and out of a wheelchair several times a day on her own, balances oxygen and breathing treatments coupled with feeding tube treatments, and also coordinates a 'soccer mom' schedule of physical, occupational, speech and other necessary therapies in addition to taking care of two other children at home.

Another mom described how her son's brain had essentially stopped growing after six months of age. He is now 4, and the Mom said that when they were able to become eligible for the EagleEyes project, she sat there crying as she watched her son who doctors thought was on a six month old level point to various shapes, colors and numbers on the computer screen.

Another parent described how excited their daughter was to come home from school each day and actually talk to her sister. For years, they could only talk at their daughter, never knowing what she understood. And they found she actually understood a whole lot more than previously thought. And they now enjoy conversations with her and she enjoys the fact that she's able to converse with her family--something she was never able to do before.

I remember a saying that "only through service will we find ourselves." I love being able to serve. I love being able to make a difference in some way. I try to teach that to my children. I spent 10 years in the medical field serving others and I've continued to do that since I have left the hospital. This month is dedicated to diabetes as it's diabetes awareness month. I was honored to be chosen to come to this conference, and to be able to represent such a great cause. November 9th (yes, that is today, I had to look too) is diabetes awareness day or "DBlogDay."  You can find links and people living with diabetes at #dblogday on Twitter. Post about your knowledge of diabetes. If you've been affected. What activities you have planned this month for diabetes awareness month. We need to hear you today. It's a great way to serve our organization and what we do. Than post a link to your blog on Facebook, or at #dblogday on Twitter. Thanks!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Follow Friday

This Follow Friday #ff goes out to Activz. They're new, and have an incredible whole food product!Tonight they're unvieling their children's, weight loss, diabetic and adult products. If you live in the Salt Lake area, it's NOT too late to stop by. This product is amazing. 9 servings of  fruits and vegetables, all your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, omegas and all the other good stuff we need in one easy to take dose.

It will be at the Larry H. Miller Building on the Salt Lake Community College campus from 7-8:30. Come out and join us! It's not too late to register either, but I've been told that seats are filling up fast. So head to now to register and we'll see you there!

And don't forget to follow Activz on Twitter to learn more!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My First Reading...

I have never, ever been into astrology and horoscopes and fortunes. My fortune cookies only sport a 3% accuracy rate at best. I read them for fun, then forget about them 10 minutes later. (See, if horoscopes were written for the week prior than I might actually be able to get you better statistics on if they actually work or not.

But as many know, my husband and I have been throwing around the idea of having another little spitting image of ourselves born into this world for about six months now. And we continue to hesitate alittle bit on if we should or shouldn't have one. We're also firstborns, so every decision is usually the result of rationalization in our Type A brains.

Hence in the light of things going on we've continued to put it off. And I've consulted the Magic 8 balls in stores, the man upstairs, horoscopes, my team of doctors and astrologer as proof to my husband that we should have another one.

I consulted Dabney Oliver who does the horoscopes for Parent's Magazine. She does astrology readings for moms, babies and children. 'If anyone would be well connected with the possibility of knowing if another baby was in the cards, it would be her' I thought. Dabney has worked in this line of work for 10 years and has centered her focus on moms and children for the last 3-4 years.

On the phone, I instantly liked her. She was casual, comfortable, and explained things to me in an easy to understand way. My knowledge of astrology goes about as far as I know am a Gemini and considered a twin, but have no idea what that means. Dabney was great to explain the meaning behind my name and some of the characteristics associated with me. Many were dead on. I was told I have the type of personality that was always wanting to move onto the next thing. I bore easily and am not the most organized person at times. And I'm always looking around the next corner. BINGO! I was also told that I am a nurturer and enjoy taking care of people. (I worked in the medical field for 10+ years and loved it because I got to serve--something she wouldn't have known before our reading).

Other things she said I felt were easy generalizations to pull from me. 'You are a person that likes to read, write and communicate. (You can get that one if you're reading this right now). And some things really didn't seem very applicable to me and my personality at all.

It wasn't until we got into the deeper stuff and she asked me if I had any questions that I really saw how powerful astrology could be. Mind you, I'm an astrology virgin here, and had no idea what was going on. Several times she had to remind me nicely that she wasn't a psychic. Darn! That might be my next one.

She could tell that there had been some conflict in our family in the past and even currently. Something I never eluded too in my conversation with her. She also spoke of my feeling the weight of the world rested on my shoulders. "Another generalization' I thought, but then she started explaining how it was connected to my family. My jaw dropped. Dead on again.

And towards the end I hesitantly asked her about a third baby. And what she told me was something that I've already known for a long time.

And she said that December would be a great month for my relationships, especially with my spouse. After this month, I sure hope so! We could use a break in the 'marital trials' department.

Thanks to Dabney for her patience with me and allowing me to share my reading with you. For more information on Dabney, head to her website

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dream Dinners Worth the Money??

I must have passed the 800 North Dream Dinners at least twice a day for the past three years I've lived in the area. Never gone in. But heard a lot about them and thought that they offered a unique service.

In September I attended the Women's Expo and won a free Dream Dinners session. My daughter and I got to go in together to make a meal. She was hooked. I went back last month and tried out a whole months of meals. There were several positives and several drawbacks of the program that I found.


1) The staff is friendly and helpful and always available to help. During my session I was never without help and I loved the people that cleaned up my messes for me. (Thank-you!)
2) The store offers a wonderful selection of foods that appeal to all of my family members. They were also very accomodating on letting me change my menu around when several of the meals I picked wouldn't appeal to my family once I saw them.
3) Loved that I was in and out in an hour and a half. I rarely had to wait to make meals even though I attended one of the busier sessions. And everything had been labeled for me and was ready for me to go. I didn't have to wait for staff--ever.
4) I liked that I could substitute or make meals spicier or less spicier if I wanted. I also witnessed the staff assist one woman who was trying to make gluten free alternatives. They patiently answered her questions, helped her find substitutes and made sure that each meal was appropriate for her family.


1) I spent $130 for 13 meals--roughly $10 per meal. That is significantly more than I would pay for a meal at home. But it was nice to have some convienent meals on hand, especially during the busy month of November and December when our family is running around like crazy.
2) The menus selections didn't quite appeal to my family. I made several types of the same meal because my family wouldn't eat some of the meals they offered. But my minimum order was 12 meals. However, mixed with some of my own meals, I now have a great selection of family favorites and easy convienent meals.
3) I'm eating too good. My family finds that we're eating too good. I don't know if that's a drawback or not, but I find it funny that they actually miss a grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of cereal as dinner.
4) Some of the ingredients aren't what we would use. I found some of the meals to be fattier than I would make. For example, I made their manicotti, and my manicotti is a low fat alternative. The one at Dream Dinners were prestuffed manicotti shells and had much more fat and calories than the ones that I made. So some of their meals weren't as healthy as I made, and I couldn't substitute my ingredients that I would normally use at home to make a lower fat version.
5) I found I missed a lot of my meals. I actually missed a lot of the meals that I made and was excited to start eating my freezer meals again. But I loved the convienence and the variety of meals I was able to eat. The variety was nice, but I think it's better if I mix the two.

So was it worth it?

Some months I believe it will be. I believe it will come down in large part to the menu they offer that month.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Becoming WISE and Active!

This week is a busy, busy one! In addition to the work I do for Healthy Deals N' Steals, I also have the website. And we're keeping busy between the two!

Yesterday I booked a healthy eating night in the Park City area. It should be a fun time, and I'm looking forward to it! If you would like me to come out to your area, please let me know!

Thursday brings the WISE Conference, or the Women in Service Excellence Conference. I'm so excited about this one! I love serving and being able to serve others is something that I have been so grateful to do in my line of work. I'm attending for my other website and am excited to go and decorate a tree for Primary Children's Hospital and do some other humaitarian work. It should be a great experience.

On Friday I'm attending the launch party for a brand new product called Activz. This is an exciting product and one that I am very, very excited to learn more about. The product is a whole food nutrition product that gives you nine servings of fruits and vegetables, and all of your probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and omegas and all the other good stuff you need in one easy to take formula. I've had the chance to sample it and I have to say it's delicious! My husband has also been able to and we believe it's had some amazing effects on his diabetes. It's also been a great way to get our kids eating their fruits and vegetables.
If you're in the Salt Lake area, come out and join me! It's Friday night from 7-8:30 at the Larry H. Miller Building next to the Salt Lake Community College Building. There really is no other product like it on the market, and I'm so excited to learn more. You can register by going to Let them know Traci from Healthy Deals N' Steals referred you. Hope to see you there!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Free FluPak

Receive a FREE FluPak! Your FluPak includes 1 mask, 2 antibacterial wipes, 1 disposable thermometer and flu vaccine information.

Call or go online to get your free kit.
Online form, click here.
Call: 1-800-504-1680 to call for your free flu pak.