Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note From a Friend...

A good friend of mine posted this and I wanted to share this with everyone. If you have a minute, please take the time to vote. I know that all of us want to help the people of Haiti at this time, and I am no exception. However, for many of us money might be tight. This is a great way to help donate and feel like you are helping just by taking a few minutes of your time.


Hi All, Thank you to all who have voted for our video so far. We really appreciate it. We are almost in first place for number of votes/ratings. (The number of views is not as important as the votes/ratings.) For those that don't know what I'm talking about - keep reading. The voting ends tomorrow (Tues. Jan 19) night at 10:00 p.m. (Mountain Time). If you have already voted, please pass this onto anyone else who might be able to help out this good cause (post on your Facebook, blogs, etc.). We feel fortunate to be this close to first place and think that because of each of you, we might have the opportunity to donate a large amount of money to help the people of Haiti. Every vote counts at this point. Below is a message you can send to people with the info and instructions on how to vote.

Many many thanks!
Melissa and sisters

Hello Everyone, My friend(s)entered a video contest and are finalists! If they win they will donate the $10,000 prize to LDS Humanitarian Emergency Response for Haiti relief efforts. We need your help to get as many views and votes on the video by Tuesday, Jan. 19. Pass this on to everyone you know so that together we can make this donation possible.

1. Go to http://www.community.vitamix.com/
2. Toward the top left side of the screen, click “join now.” You can either create a username and password or just sign in using your Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail or AOL username and password - click agree to sign in.
3. The green Vita-Village page will come up. Click “home” at the top left side of the screen (not “my home” which is right next to it)
4. Then double click the red icon that says “Pitch Me!” located on the left/center of the screen.
5. Click the box that says “Vote/Rate Now!” Theirs is the second video listed called “3sisters”. Just double click on the video, push play to watch (just 3 minutes) and make sure to rate it by clicking on the star of your choice below. That’s all! (You can only vote once per user). (To read more about the LDS Humanitarian Emergency Response efforts in Haiti visit this link: http://newsroom.lds.org/ldsnewsroom/eng/ )

Thanks guys for helping out!! --Traci

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