Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 10 in 10 Challenge: Week 2

Last week, I tackled the issue of food. My eating has been largely under control for the past two weeks. (Minus the trip to The Chocolate a few nights ago). One of my goals is to eat more fruits and vegetables, and I've done a great job introducing some new vegetables to the kids this week. They hated spaghetti squash, but actually loved spinach. They thought it tasted better than head lettuce or romaine lettuce. That's a plus!
My kids love carrots, and I used this dip recipe from Super Healthy Kids. They loved it!

My exercise has been great this week. Up where I live, the weather has been mild, so I've been able to walk the dog while picking up the kids from school, than have them walk home with me. They like to run on the treadmill which is a great workout for them. I've done Billy Blanks Cardio Tae Bo workout this week, ran on the treadmill, ran with the dog outside, and done my Women's Health and Self Magazine workouts. Since I was not feeling well last week, I've tried to tone down the workouts to 30 minutes each. Next week, I'll increase it to 45 minutes to an hour everyday. I love reading everyone's 10 in 10 posts and hope everyone continues to stay motivated!

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