Monday, February 1, 2010

10 in 10: Week 3

Time again for my 10 in 10 update. I have to say that eating wise I've done incredible this week. No problems, no concerns. (Girl's night out I saved my calories for a blonde brownie at Applebee's which was sadly devoured by me not leaving much to share). Please don't share how many calories it had with me.

Using a lot more TVP mixed in with my beef recipes. Can't quite seem to get rid of beef entirely because the husband notices and starts throwing a fit about it. My man seems to like his beef and is very passionate about not substituting alternatives for beef.

Exercise has come in the non-traditional workout form this week. My free time....there has been no free time. It's been maddening. I'm really getting tired of the yo-yo workouts. One week I'm good, the next I'm not. I have a hard time exercising in the morning because our house is small, and I tend to wake up everyone in the house--way too early. The treadmill is right below my daughter's room, so that is exed too for AM workouts.

During the day is spent working, shuttling kids, and running around. Afternoons have been my easiest workouts. The kids come home and get 1/2 hour TV time, so I steal away for my half an hour workout. Only this week hasn't been so easy. With the good weather they want to play outside, have friends over, and my workouts have been bumped to evening.

Which also doesn't work because two nights this week I taught classes, one night this week was girl's night out, and the other two nights were spent helping my husband with work projects.

Any suggestions on setting a consistent exercise routine. Most people suggest "just do it" but that doesn't always work on an irregular schedule that sadly I don't always get a memo for. The kids throw so many daily loopholes that it's hard.

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  1. You are doing great! This post about making exercise a priority might help you:

    My hubs doesn't eat red meat-I don't eat any meat. If he wants chicken, pork, etc. he is good about fixing it. I don't mind, but since he likes to cook, he usually does that part:)

    Glad you enjoyed a treat:)