Thursday, December 17, 2009

Easiest Way to Save Money

No it's not the almighty coupon. (Although it does save quite a bit of money). But the easiest way to save money on things we eat everyday are through tear pad rebates! Interestingly, these rebates are put out by beer companies. Many rebates are for things like $10 off a $15 meat purchase, or $10 off a $25 snack cracker, cheese, or deli purchase.

Many of these rebates don't limit what store you need to purchase the item from, making it easy for me to shop at my favorite health food stores and still get rewarded. In Utah, no beer purchase is required either, so it's very simple and easy to save.

All I have to do is keep my reciept, circle the appropriate item that corresponds with the rebate, and send the rebate form and receipt into the company. Simple and easy and often only takes me a couple of minutes to save a significant amount of money.

Some months I may only get $10 back, other months I've earned $40 or more back in tear pad rebates!

These rebates can be found at grocery stores--often times up at the customer service desk area, or in beer display aisles. Sometimes in the refrigerated section of the beer aisles. However, I've resorted to using eBay at times and paying a small fee to have a rebate sent to me instead of having to search all over the county to find the latest rebates in stores. In eBay, I search "beer rebates" and then adjust the pricing to go from low to high. Make sure you read each rebate carefully to make sure it is able to be used for your state.

Where can you find a list of the current rebates floating around? I love Savvy Shopper Deals. Many people submit the rebates they find floating around, and tell you which store and what area of the store they found them at.

Tear pad rebates are by far the easiest to use and the simplest way to save a significant amount of money when shopping.

Click here to head to the Naturally Savvy forum and let me know what you think about tear pad rebates. Or leave a comment here!

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